Giving thanks

I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet (not that I celebrate it anyway) but this week I want to send a big thank you to Felicia The Geeky Blogger.

Why? Because it’s thanks to her generosity that in my mailbox I found this:

and also this:

Now, I also have to admit something. It all started when I participated in the mini-challenge Felicia hosted during the last Bloggiesta, Photo Copyright: Bloggers doing right by the graphics we use!” But while I’ve always (tried to) be careful with the copyright of the pictures I use, in her post Felicia pointed out something else to be mindful of. She wrote:

Protect your own photos! Use something like PicMonkey (it is free) to write at least your blog name on them. If the photo is then pinned on Pinterest without a link back to your photo (blog entry), your name is on it. While this is not fail safe (really good graphics people can remove it), you can feel more comfortable knowing that 90% of the population won’t remove your “branding”.

And I have to admit I never got around to do it. I will probably wait the next Bloggiesta to go through all the past images, but in the meanwhile I should at least decide how to mark them as mine, particularly the ones in the Travel with Books Project.

And here I could do with some help. What do you think would work better? My whole blog HTTP address in small print, like I did here? A semi-transparent watermark like this? A more visible, possibly artsy thing? A frame of some kind with the address/name on it? What do you think, what do you use?