Year’s end: 2012 stats

I know you’ll do a double-take when you read that title: “year’s end” in February? But only now do I get to check out how I did in 2012 and even if I’m late I want the stats to be out there. I’ve already mentioned how I am not happy with how I’ve done… but it looks like this year will be worse anyway. Not to worry: I don’t like feeling pressured, and yearly goals are not really my things. I’m just sad if the number drops too far because it means I’ll miss out on more books throughout my life, but I want to focus on the good of the books I do get to.

Total books read: 80
(Last quarter: 24)

Total pages read: 25638
(Last quarter: 6619)
(See here for the method I am using to count e-book and audiobook pages.)

And here’s the stats:


Over half of my reading in English, and it’s not even my mother tongue 😦 Not good.


Worse than 2011 😦 not good!

And here’s the crossed data:


Because several books were difficult to categorize (more than usual), this year I didn’t do a genre graph. And the country graph is not very interesting either:


Well, at least my English originals have been more evenly split among US and UK…

Were you happy with your 2012 reading results?

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Now reading (3rd quarter 2012)

This quarter I must have slowed down my reading, because the total of books read is appallingly low. I did feel I was slowing down, both in reading and in blogging, but I didn’t think it was so slow. On the other hand, the page count is higher than usual, so maybe the only fact here is that I worked my way through some chunky books. All in all, I’m not dissatisfied — I prefer quality to quantity, and I did get some good reads this quarter. (I’m less satisfied with diversity, in language and in nationality. Too bad.)

Total books read: 16
(Year total: 56)

Total pages read: 6657
(Year total: 19019)
(See my last update for the method I am using to count e-book pages.)

By language:

  • in English: 11 books, 4898 pages
  • in Italian: 2 books, 1096 pages
  • in Portuguese: 1 book, 154 pages
  • in French: 1 book, 222 pages
  • in German: 1 book, 287 pages

By author’s nationality:

  • 8 books from USA
  • 3 books from UK
  • 1 book each from Australia, Germany, Iceland, Italy and Ivory Coast

Highlights (or, books I would recommend): Jellicoe Road (if you haven’t read it yet, go grab a copy right now!) and Scruffy (one of the funniest books I’ve read in ages)

Down low (or, don’t bother to read that): Neuromancer (complete nonsense, if you ask me) and Outlander (definitely the most boring book I’ve ever read, and at over 800 pages it was a torture)

From you to me (or, additions to my wishlist — *’ed books have already reached my TBR pile as well):

Challenges update:

  • Medieval Challenge: 1/4
    I tried to read a second one and was stalled into my first DNF in ages. Too bad. I have a feeling I won’t end this one.
  • Reading Round Rome: 3/7
    Slowly working my way. Who knows, maybe I can make it?
  • Greek Classics: 1/2
    No advance here.
  • Antonym Challenge: 5/6+1
    I had the last two books for this one listed for September but never got around to them.
  • Middle East Challenge: 0/3
  • Aussie Author Challenge: 1/3
    There’s hope here.
  • Back to the Classics: 7/9
    I am currently readalonging Wuthering Heights, which could fit both the missing categories.
  • Dewey Decimal Challenge: 3/6
    Just bought several non-fiction, so I’m positive I can make it.
  • Africa Reading Challenge: 3/5
    I must admit I am not getting much from these ones
  • Chunkster Challenge: 4/6, and then some more
    I may not be counting right, but chunksters are good always.
  • South Asian Challenge: 1/3
    Not too committed here…
  • Classic Double Challenge: 1/2
    Another one I was hoping to finish before the end of September and failed 😦
  • R.I.P: 0/1
    There’ still time…
  • Summer 2012 Book Challenge: 15/15
    DONE! YAY!

Finished this quarter: Semi Charmed Summer 2012
Failed this quarter: none, but I must abandon some.

Now reading (2nd quarter 2012)

In the past few weeks, you may have noticed that things were a bit slow around this blog, but if you kept a close eye on my reading list (which I know you haven’t, but don’t worry, I’ll fill you in right away!), you’ll know I’ve been catching up with some reading. I had the chance to travel around a bit, which always leaves me less time to blog and more time to read, which means that now, right in the middle of the year, I’ve reached the halfway mark to my goal of 80 books. Yay! Down to the figures:

Total books read: 21
(Year total: 40)

Total pages read: 6263 (*)
(Year total: 12362)

By language:

  • in English: 10 books, 4282 pages
  • in Italian: 7 books, 1360 pages
  • in Portuguese: 3 books, 432 pages
  • in French: 1 book, 189 pages

By author’s nationality:

  • 6 books from UK
  • 3 books from USA
  • 2,5 books each from Italy and Portugal
  • 1 book each from Cape Verde, India, Iraq, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand and Russia

Highlights (or, books I would recommend): Neverwhere (123) (but that’s a reread and no surprise at all!), Blessed Are the Cheesemakers (link coming soon added)

Down low (or, don’t bother to read that): I’d rather not mention names this time, but there were a lot.

From you to me (or, additions to my wishlist — *’ed books have already reached my TBR pile as well):

Challenges update:

  • Medieval Challenge: 0/4
  • Reading Round Rome: 2/7
  • Greek Classics: 1/2
  • Antonym Challenge: 3/6+1
  • Middle East Challenge: 0/3
  • Aussie Author Challenge: 0/3
  • Back to the Classics: 6/9
  • Dewey Decimal Challenge: 1/10
  • Africa Reading Challenge: 2/5
  • Chunkster Challenge: 2/6
  • South Asian Challenge: 1/3
  • Classic Double Challenge: 0/2
  • Summer 2012 Book Challenge: 5/15

Finished this quarter: What’s in a name
Failed this quarter: none

(*) A note on page count
I’m still confused about e-book page count. In my last update, I said I was going to use Calibre’s count, but the one e-book I read this quarter was Bleak House, which in Calibre has a staggering page count of over 1900 pages, and while it was a long read, no paper edition went even near that figure, not even the most annotated ones. My new page count policy is to consider the page count of the corresponding paper edition when possible, or of the most similar paper edition (for Bleak House, based on the fact that I read a non-annotated and non-illustrated edition, I chose the one with the lowest page count), and only resort to Calibre when a paper edition is not available. Still, if you have any thoughts on the matter, I’d be happy to hear them.

Now reading (1st quarter 2012)

Although a little bit late (due to Bloggiesta and Easter commitments), here I am with a roundup of my readings this first quarter of 2012. But before, a small note on page count: this quarter I started reading e-books and I wondered how to count pages with them. After considering several options, the one that I found most consistent and that I decided to use is the page count given from the on-screen reader of Calibre (which I use to convert formats and found very good up to now). Still, I’m interested in hearing what you think: if you count pages, what method do you use for e-books? Please share in the comments!

Without further ado, the figures:

Total books read: 19

Total pages read: 6099

Oh my, I thought I was doing well, but I am actually down in comparison with last year 😦

By language:

  • in English: 11 books, 3394 pages
  • in Italian: 6 books, 2294 pages
  • in German: 1 book, 396 pages
  • in French: 1 book, 15 pages

By author’s nationality:

  • 6 books from USA
  • 4 books from Italy
  • 2 books from Gibraltar
  • 1 book each from France, Germany, Greece, Japan, New Zealand, Norway and South Africa

Highlights (or, books I would recommend): The Geometry of Love, Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow, Fall of a Sparrow

Down low (or, don’t bother to read that): The Prague Cemetery, In Honor to Cain, Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name

From you to me (or, additions to my wishlist — *’ed books have already reached my TBR pile as well):

  • Cane River by Lalita Tademy, suggested by Steph whose blurb captivated me
  • The Book Club Cookbook by Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp, which is a great idea that I first heard about from Alyssa
  • *The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, which I saw everywhere, but what made me finally give in and buy it was this non-review by Alex
  • The Passion by Jeanette Winterson, suggested by Dolce Bellezza who wrote that it brings together magical realism, Biblical references, and Venice
  • How I Killed Pluto And Why It Had It Coming by Mike Brown, reviewed by Alex, whose post fostered an interesting discussion and also brought to my attention The Pluto Files: The Rise and Fall of America’s Favorite Planet by Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman, which was brought to my attention by this review on BermudaOnion’s blog and picked my curiosity as do all things related to Masada (and Israel history in general)

Challenges update:

  • Medieval Challenge: 0/4
  • Reading Round Rome: 2/7
  • What’s in a Name: 3/6
  • Greek Classics: 1/2
  • Antonym Challenge: 2/6+1
  • Middle East Challenge: 0/3
  • Aussie Author Challenge: 0/3
  • Back to the Classics: 2/9
  • Dewey Decimal Challenge: 1/10
  • Africa Reading Challenge: 0/5
  • Chunkster Challenge: 1/6

Finished this quarter: Venice in February
Failed this quarter: none

Into the new year: 2011 stats

Sorry for the delay: after much waiting, the 2011 stats are finally in!

Total books read: 78
(Last quarter: 20)

Total pages read: 25761
(Last quarter: 7747)

It’s the first time I manage to count pages throughout the year, so I won’t comment that, but I’m far from satisfied with the total number of books read 😦 I started the year aiming for 100, which was a bit too much, but I did hope to average at least 80 (which was more or less my rhythm in past years). Oh well, I really don’t plan to aim for more than that: I only hope to find more good books this year!

As usual, I analyzed my data in terms of languages I read in, and this time I analyzed them also in terms of how many books I read in original version as opposed to translation. And in order not to bore you with too many figures, here are the results, charted:

I already mentioned how I plan to read more in French, Portuguese and German, right? (Oh, and these charts do not mention the 2 books I read in minority languages.)

OK, so I do read a lot in translation, but not as much as I thought. And it is good that I mostly read books translated in Italian. (And Portuguese, but that’s because the only library I have regular access to is in Portugal and offers books in Portuguese. I do plan to read more Portuguese original books in 2012.)

For a more detailed analysis, here’s the breakdown based on author nationality:

I didn’t realize how US-bound I am, for all my different language-reading!

And while I know perfectly well that genre categorization is not an exact science, this too is an analysis I found interesting:

I do want to read more non-fiction!

There would be plenty more data to look for, but I guess this much is figures enough, right? 😉 So I’ll just add my list of best of:

Best book of the year: The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone

Best book of the last quarter: Psalm at Journey’s End by Erik Fosnes Hansen

Best surprise, as well as best fantasy: The Drawing of the Dark by Tim Powers

Best non-fiction: What to Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel

Best graphic novel: Fables 10 – The Good Prince by Bill Willingham

Best book recommended by bloggers: Os olhos de Ana Marta (The Eyes of Ana Marta) by Alice Vieira

Worst book of the year: A Short Guide to Great European Wines by Alexandre Dumas


(All charts in this post are made with ChartGo)