Year’s end: 2012 stats

I know you’ll do a double-take when you read that title: “year’s end” in February? But only now do I get to check out how I did in 2012 and even if I’m late I want the stats to be out there. I’ve already mentioned how I am not happy with how I’ve done… but it looks like this year will be worse anyway. Not to worry: I don’t like feeling pressured, and yearly goals are not really my things. I’m just sad if the number drops too far because it means I’ll miss out on more books throughout my life, but I want to focus on the good of the books I do get to.

Total books read: 80
(Last quarter: 24)

Total pages read: 25638
(Last quarter: 6619)
(See here for the method I am using to count e-book and audiobook pages.)

And here’s the stats:


Over half of my reading in English, and it’s not even my mother tongue 😦 Not good.


Worse than 2011 😦 not good!

And here’s the crossed data:


Because several books were difficult to categorize (more than usual), this year I didn’t do a genre graph. And the country graph is not very interesting either:


Well, at least my English originals have been more evenly split among US and UK…

Were you happy with your 2012 reading results?

(Charts created on ChartGo)

Ditelo con parole vostre/Let your words be heard

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