Now reading (3rd quarter 2012)

This quarter I must have slowed down my reading, because the total of books read is appallingly low. I did feel I was slowing down, both in reading and in blogging, but I didn’t think it was so slow. On the other hand, the page count is higher than usual, so maybe the only fact here is that I worked my way through some chunky books. All in all, I’m not dissatisfied — I prefer quality to quantity, and I did get some good reads this quarter. (I’m less satisfied with diversity, in language and in nationality. Too bad.)

Total books read: 16
(Year total: 56)

Total pages read: 6657
(Year total: 19019)
(See my last update for the method I am using to count e-book pages.)

By language:

  • in English: 11 books, 4898 pages
  • in Italian: 2 books, 1096 pages
  • in Portuguese: 1 book, 154 pages
  • in French: 1 book, 222 pages
  • in German: 1 book, 287 pages

By author’s nationality:

  • 8 books from USA
  • 3 books from UK
  • 1 book each from Australia, Germany, Iceland, Italy and Ivory Coast

Highlights (or, books I would recommend): Jellicoe Road (if you haven’t read it yet, go grab a copy right now!) and Scruffy (one of the funniest books I’ve read in ages)

Down low (or, don’t bother to read that): Neuromancer (complete nonsense, if you ask me) and Outlander (definitely the most boring book I’ve ever read, and at over 800 pages it was a torture)

From you to me (or, additions to my wishlist — *’ed books have already reached my TBR pile as well):

Challenges update:

  • Medieval Challenge: 1/4
    I tried to read a second one and was stalled into my first DNF in ages. Too bad. I have a feeling I won’t end this one.
  • Reading Round Rome: 3/7
    Slowly working my way. Who knows, maybe I can make it?
  • Greek Classics: 1/2
    No advance here.
  • Antonym Challenge: 5/6+1
    I had the last two books for this one listed for September but never got around to them.
  • Middle East Challenge: 0/3
  • Aussie Author Challenge: 1/3
    There’s hope here.
  • Back to the Classics: 7/9
    I am currently readalonging Wuthering Heights, which could fit both the missing categories.
  • Dewey Decimal Challenge: 3/6
    Just bought several non-fiction, so I’m positive I can make it.
  • Africa Reading Challenge: 3/5
    I must admit I am not getting much from these ones
  • Chunkster Challenge: 4/6, and then some more
    I may not be counting right, but chunksters are good always.
  • South Asian Challenge: 1/3
    Not too committed here…
  • Classic Double Challenge: 1/2
    Another one I was hoping to finish before the end of September and failed 😦
  • R.I.P: 0/1
    There’ still time…
  • Summer 2012 Book Challenge: 15/15
    DONE! YAY!

Finished this quarter: Semi Charmed Summer 2012
Failed this quarter: none, but I must abandon some.

Ditelo con parole vostre/Let your words be heard

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