Now reading (2nd quarter 2012)

In the past few weeks, you may have noticed that things were a bit slow around this blog, but if you kept a close eye on my reading list (which I know you haven’t, but don’t worry, I’ll fill you in right away!), you’ll know I’ve been catching up with some reading. I had the chance to travel around a bit, which always leaves me less time to blog and more time to read, which means that now, right in the middle of the year, I’ve reached the halfway mark to my goal of 80 books. Yay! Down to the figures:

Total books read: 21
(Year total: 40)

Total pages read: 6263 (*)
(Year total: 12362)

By language:

  • in English: 10 books, 4282 pages
  • in Italian: 7 books, 1360 pages
  • in Portuguese: 3 books, 432 pages
  • in French: 1 book, 189 pages

By author’s nationality:

  • 6 books from UK
  • 3 books from USA
  • 2,5 books each from Italy and Portugal
  • 1 book each from Cape Verde, India, Iraq, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand and Russia

Highlights (or, books I would recommend): Neverwhere (123) (but that’s a reread and no surprise at all!), Blessed Are the Cheesemakers (link coming soon added)

Down low (or, don’t bother to read that): I’d rather not mention names this time, but there were a lot.

From you to me (or, additions to my wishlist — *’ed books have already reached my TBR pile as well):

Challenges update:

  • Medieval Challenge: 0/4
  • Reading Round Rome: 2/7
  • Greek Classics: 1/2
  • Antonym Challenge: 3/6+1
  • Middle East Challenge: 0/3
  • Aussie Author Challenge: 0/3
  • Back to the Classics: 6/9
  • Dewey Decimal Challenge: 1/10
  • Africa Reading Challenge: 2/5
  • Chunkster Challenge: 2/6
  • South Asian Challenge: 1/3
  • Classic Double Challenge: 0/2
  • Summer 2012 Book Challenge: 5/15

Finished this quarter: What’s in a name
Failed this quarter: none

(*) A note on page count
I’m still confused about e-book page count. In my last update, I said I was going to use Calibre’s count, but the one e-book I read this quarter was Bleak House, which in Calibre has a staggering page count of over 1900 pages, and while it was a long read, no paper edition went even near that figure, not even the most annotated ones. My new page count policy is to consider the page count of the corresponding paper edition when possible, or of the most similar paper edition (for Bleak House, based on the fact that I read a non-annotated and non-illustrated edition, I chose the one with the lowest page count), and only resort to Calibre when a paper edition is not available. Still, if you have any thoughts on the matter, I’d be happy to hear them.

Ditelo con parole vostre/Let your words be heard

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