Wondrous Words Wednesday: American Regional English

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme where we share new (to us) and interesting (to us, again) words we encountered in our readings. See this week round-up at BermudaOnion’s blog!

I have been reading little this week, and in Italian, but when I thought I had no word for today’s post, up came an article on my GReader that made me change my mind. So click through to the Oxford University Blog and read Mark Peter’s Smidget of Regional Terms. I hope you enjoy the read, and the words, too!


8 comments on “Wondrous Words Wednesday: American Regional English

  1. I live in the South and only knew a few of those sayings! I’ve thought of doing a post on Souternisms – that just might make a good WWW post one day.

  2. Regional terms are so numerous and interesting ! It’s the same in French and I always leasten to the different ways to say the a thing.

  3. @ Annie: I tend not to notice, so it’s even more interesting when I read articles such as this.
    @ Libby: I do wonder why there is no indication of which region they are from!
    @ Margot: glad you liked it.

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