Let’s Bloggiesta!

Bloggiesta weekend is here, people! Are you ready to revamp your blog, make new friends and have fun?

PEDRO: Plan. Edit. Develop. Review. Organize.

I’m starting a bit late, and will actually have limited time over the weekend, but I do plan on doing a few things:

  1. redo the blogroll — I only have a bad excuse of a blogroll, never really took the time to put all my links there…
  2. deal with the great tag-to-category haul — and rationalize tags a little bit. I see that Beth of Beth Fish Reads is hosting a label/tag mini challenge, that’s good!
  3. take time to write older Travel with books posts — at least the Rome one is ready to be written, and the Norway one almost.
  4. finish the review backlog — that’s hoping a lot! But there are actually two mini challenges on review writing, which may help: Jessica from The Bluestocking Society’s Five Ways to Make Your Reviews Stand Out and Melanie from Melanie’s Musings’s Five Tips to Write Reviews Faster.
  5. write and schedule some more posts — as suggested by Beth in her other mini challenge, the Rainy Day, Opinion/List Post Writing mini challenge; there’s also Emily’s challenge 8 Ways to Freshen Up Your Content and Mother Reader’s flashback mini challenge about writing, Be Brave.
  6. enough writing! I want to learn to comment more and better — really I need to network more, I know I tend to be a lurker most of the time. Sheila’s from Book Journey has a challenge about How to Build Readers for Your Blog Through Commenting and although I am more interested in creating relationships than in building a readership, I’m sure I’ve plenty to learn there.
  7. organize my sources for ideas for the Italian section — which means a good look at my reader and some research. I couldn’t find a mini challenge about this 😦 but I’ll take time for it anyway.

Seven is a good number, no? I’ll stop there. I’ll update this post over the weekend as I (hopefully) get things done.

Hey, I didn’t realize it, but it does feel like spring cleaning! 🙂


Saturday morning update:

Yesterday night I moved tags and categories. It took some moving back and forth, but I think I’ve nailed it. I didn’t cross out task #2 as done for two reasons:

  1. I want to check if those categories feel right after one day. If you come by, please have a look at my English categories (on the sidebar, under Parole mie/My words, in English) and tell me what you think!
  2. Beth’s challenge called for more organized labels, and my tags are a mess right now. I’m not sure if I’ll tackle them, it will require some thought.

Now I’m off to work, I plan to be back to Bloggiesta in the evening. If you come by in the meantime, tell me how you are doing with your goals!


Saturday evening update:

As I mentioned in the comments, after one day the new categories feel fine. And I don’t have enough time this week to tackle tags, so that’s for another time. One task done.

Also, I’ve published a grouped review, so I’m well on my way. And I included there a picture, as suggested by Jessica in her mini challenge. It looks nice, my levanter cloud, doesn’t it?


Sunday afternoon update:

I just realized I had two more tasks that I wanted to do this weekend! I’m sure I’ll never make it, but here they are:

  • set up the linked within widget uh-oh, it looks like we can’t have that at wordpress.com 😦
  • contact three bloggers to whom I have to ask/propose something

Also, if you come by, could you please tell me whether or not you are captcha’ed to comment? There should be no captcha, but I feel I’m never quite in control of my commenting form. Thank you.

Here we go!


Sunday night update:

I’m calling it a day. End-of-event post to follow.


7 comments on “Let’s Bloggiesta!

  1. First time to your blog and new follower.

    I need to work on commenting more. I have full intention most days, but sometimes don’t get to it. I’ve got to get to reading myself so that I can get my reviewing completed.

  2. Thank you for visiting, Sara! On the commenting, I understand you completely, but you’re off to a good start. Let’s build a storm of comments 🙂

  3. I think your categories are fine? I’m very very bad about categories and they are very hard to change! For example, I have a tag called ‘hunting dogs’ when it really should just be ‘dogs’ but it won’t let me change it. I have no idea why not.

    Good luck! Happy Bloggiesta-ing.

  4. Thank you Care. I used to use categories for my Italian posts and tags for my English ones, but I do feel more at ease with categories. The ones I moved yesterday feel right, so for now that’s it. Tags, I don’t know, I guess I’ll leave them in their present messy state for now, it’d take too long to change. There will be another Bloggiesta in the future, right?
    Your WordPress is sure strange 🙂 If I can help in any way with the stubborn tags, just ask.

  5. i had to smile at your #7 – I ended up making my list of to-dos first, and then discovered so many mini-challenges that would be fulfilled by accident, so to speak 🙂

    Since you are Italian, would be great to see more photos of your part of italy on your blog!

  6. @ Dee: in my first list I did the same as you, then went over the list again and mentioned mini challenges that fit (I love mini challenges!). Thanks for your interest in Italy — I don’t have much to say about my home town, but I do have an upcoming post with pictures of Rome, and another one with pictures of Lisbon (I live in Portugal now)… According to my task #3 I should be writing them today, let’s see…

    @ Jacinda: thank you! I didn’t know how to fit it in my existing review format, but I guess it worked out fine 🙂

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