Into the new year: 2011 stats

Sorry for the delay: after much waiting, the 2011 stats are finally in!

Total books read: 78
(Last quarter: 20)

Total pages read: 25761
(Last quarter: 7747)

It’s the first time I manage to count pages throughout the year, so I won’t comment that, but I’m far from satisfied with the total number of books read 😦 I started the year aiming for 100, which was a bit too much, but I did hope to average at least 80 (which was more or less my rhythm in past years). Oh well, I really don’t plan to aim for more than that: I only hope to find more good books this year!

As usual, I analyzed my data in terms of languages I read in, and this time I analyzed them also in terms of how many books I read in original version as opposed to translation. And in order not to bore you with too many figures, here are the results, charted:

I already mentioned how I plan to read more in French, Portuguese and German, right? (Oh, and these charts do not mention the 2 books I read in minority languages.)

OK, so I do read a lot in translation, but not as much as I thought. And it is good that I mostly read books translated in Italian. (And Portuguese, but that’s because the only library I have regular access to is in Portugal and offers books in Portuguese. I do plan to read more Portuguese original books in 2012.)

For a more detailed analysis, here’s the breakdown based on author nationality:

I didn’t realize how US-bound I am, for all my different language-reading!

And while I know perfectly well that genre categorization is not an exact science, this too is an analysis I found interesting:

I do want to read more non-fiction!

There would be plenty more data to look for, but I guess this much is figures enough, right? 😉 So I’ll just add my list of best of:

Best book of the year: The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone

Best book of the last quarter: Psalm at Journey’s End by Erik Fosnes Hansen

Best surprise, as well as best fantasy: The Drawing of the Dark by Tim Powers

Best non-fiction: What to Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel

Best graphic novel: Fables 10 – The Good Prince by Bill Willingham

Best book recommended by bloggers: Os olhos de Ana Marta (The Eyes of Ana Marta) by Alice Vieira

Worst book of the year: A Short Guide to Great European Wines by Alexandre Dumas


(All charts in this post are made with ChartGo)

4 comments on “Into the new year: 2011 stats

  1. You’re my hero. I can’t learn a foreign language to save my life. Good for you, maintaining and reading in all of those languages.

  2. Impressive amount of language! I plan to read more in French, Spanish and Portuguese as well this year. Hopefully all in the original language. I’ve been cheating with French, reading only graphic novels, but I’ll pick up “real” books this year!

  3. I’m sure you’ll fare well with French, after all you’ve been living in Belgium for some time. And believe me, it’s much easier to read in a foreign language than it is to speak it! Good luck!

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