Year’s end: wrapping up challenges

I already told you about the One! Two! Theme Challenge, so here’s the rest of them. I almost managed to complete all the reading challenges I had signed up for, but then again there weren’t so many of them.

With my last book for 2011 I finished the I Want More Challenge, where we read books by authors we had already appreciated. Here’s what I read:

  • Mia Couto, O Outro Pé da Sereia
  • Sue Monk Kidd, The Mermaid Chair
  • Anita Nair, Ladies’ Coupé
  • Audrey Niffenegger, Her Fearful Symmetry
  • Amitav Ghosh, The Glass Palace

Unfortunately, none of them could compare to my first experience with those authors. Too bad!

I’ll also call completed the South Asian Challenge. I had signed up for three books, but the third of them, which I read last summer, was such a disappointment that I wanted to read one more. I didn’t manage, so I’ll count the original 3 titles and say I’m done:

  • Anita Nair, Ladies’ Coupé
  • Amitav Ghosh, The Glass Palace
  • Monica Pradhan, The Hindi-Bindi Club

I do hope to find some better South Asian novels next year!

Finally, with only 8.5 books out of 12, I failed at the Italy in Books Challenge:

  1. Divorzio all’islamica a Viale Marconi
  2. Archanes
  3. Friends in High Places
  4. Scontro di civiltà per un ascensore a Piazza Vittorio
  5. Pompeii
  6. The Art Thief
  7. Romanitas
  8. The Agony and the Ecstasy
  9. The Last Cato

The 0.5 is because one book counting for this challenge is currently on my nightstand and will see me through to the new year…


Ditelo con parole vostre/Let your words be heard

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