My themes

Another challenge completed! YAY! The One! Two! Theme! Challenge was hosted by Alex and Joanna.

For the 2011 challenge I chose four themes.

1. Art

Books read:
The Art Thief
by Noah Charney (fiction)

One trivia: the most stolen piece of art in the world is the Ghent Altarpiece by Jan van Eyk.

2. Wine/Wine production/Wine tasting

Books read:
The Merlot Murders by Ellen Crosby (fiction)
Short Guide to Great European Wines by Alexandre Dumas (non fiction)

One trivia: in ancient times women were not admitted in wineries during their period for fear they would spoil the wine

3. Geology/Vulcanology

Books read:
Pompeii by Robert Harris (fiction)
Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne (fiction)
The Earth: An Intimate History by Richard Fortney (non fiction)

One trivia: During the Gold Rush one town had streets paved in gold, literally

4. Pregnancy/Motherhood:
Learning to Fly by Roxanne Henke (fiction)
The Last Storyteller by Diane Noble (fiction)
Natural Solutions to Infertility by Marilyn Glenville (non fiction)
What to Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff and Mazel Sharon (non fiction)

One trivia: soda crackers are good against morning sickness.

It’s been fun, you know? So much that I’ve already planned my themes for next year, although the challenge has not been officially announced. I had planned to use this post to list those as well, but time is short right now, so you’ll have to wait. But I promise they’re great themes!


9 comments on “My themes

  1. OK, I need to know what town had its streets paved in gold. And was it in Alaska or California or Australia or where? I live on the edge of California Gold Rush territory and I’ve never heard of it so if it’s here I need to know! 🙂 (Local trivia: our city’s founder nearly started the Gold Rush a couple of years early.)

  2. 🙂
    I don’t have the book with me at the moment, but I’m fairly sure it was in Colorado. I’ll check as soon as I get back home next week and let you know!

  3. Glad to see you’ve made it. I did to, with my 4 themes (bees, Istanbul, olives and art). The art theme was especially interesting, my favorite being “The Art Detective by Peter Mould (non-fiction).

    Joanna and I haven’t been able to sit down and discuss a possible 2012 edition so far, but we’ll have lunch this week and I’ll let you know how it goes!

  4. I’ll keep my eyes open then!
    I think I read your review of The Art Detective, and that it did sound right up my alley. I’m glad you made it too!

  5. @ dangermom: OK, I was completely wrong! The place was Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Here’s the quote from Fortney’s book:

    In the rush of 1893, Kalgoorlie prospectors threw away an excess of a bulky pyritous material as they delved deeper for pure gold […]. They recognized the waste as being rich in yellowish ‘fool’s gold’, iron sulphide, and used it for hardcore, or to fill in ruts, or to bulk up crude sidewalks. […] The ‘waste’ material used to pave the roads in Kalgoorlie in fact turned out to be this very uncommon mineral [gold telluride or calaverite, a stable compound that gold forms in nature], but nearly three years passed before anyone realized that their streets were paved with the proverbial gold. It was not until 29 May 1896 that the results of an elemental analysis of the strange mineral leaked out to the mining community, resulting in a second gold rush — this time to the dumps where the blocks of waste had been disposed of.

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