Who can resist a good challenge? Not me, surely. While I haven’t fared too well this year 😦 , I still enjoy the idea of challenges, the reading lists, the thrill of ending a book and being able to cross it off many lists, the push to choose my reads differently. The social part, now, I still struggle with, but I did discover some great bloggers through challenges (and I do mean to try and be more social, starting, like, now).

As 2012 challenges have started to appear, I kept my pace, wanting to choose mindfully which ones to join. Except that, you see, once I get the idea of a challenge, it’s too hard to let go. So here I am, capitulating and joining so many of them. This is my sign-up post, but because of the high number of challenges I won’t add reading lists here (also because I don’t have definitive lists for many). Please refer to my 2012 challenges page for reading lists, I’ll also detail my progress there.

So, without further ado, let me present you with:

Group A: back in time

JNCL is hosting the Medieval Challenge at The Beauty of Eclecticism, inviting us to read books written in the Middle Ages (i.e. not about the period or set in that time, but originally written between 400-1550 A.D.). Her own goal is 12 books, but she has graciously lowered the requirement to a minimum of 4.

Further back in time! Jean @ Howling Frog Book is hosting the Greek Classics Challenge, with a bare minimum of 1 book, and I’m taking JNCL’s hint and reading Lysistrata (plus a second one, I hope).

Talking about classics, I’ve seen the Back To The Classics Challenge last year and resisted… this time I’m diving in. It is hosted by Sarah Reads Too Much and meant as a push to read those great books we’ve missed. You need to read one book each for 9 categories.

Group B: I’m a word nerd

That’s the reason why I could not resist the Antonym Reading Challenge hosted by Tasha @ Book Obsessed. The idea is to read titles linked by antonyms, i.e. opposite words. I have a first pair down with Last Night in Twisted River and First Man in Rome and I am wondering whether ice and fire may be considered antonyms… Minimum requirement: 6 books.

Also based on words is the 5th edition of the What’s in a Name Challenge hosted by Beth Fish. I already participated in 2010 and it was fun, but I do plan to choose books based on titles more than anything else this year. Six books for 6 categories, and the host has been very creative this year, go check!

Group C: reading round the world

I used to enjoy the “global” challenges, asking readers to choose books from different countries around the world, but I haven’t seen any interesting one for 2012 yet. If you know of one, please share. In the meantime, I’m taking up more local challenges, such as these:

Reading Round Rome hosted by Eibhlin @ Mar gheall ar a léim, asking us to read 6 books (7 if you start before the end of 2011 as I am doing) set in Rome. It fits with my own Travel with Books project, as we are certainly traveling to Rome at least a couple times a year, plus I get to keep in touch with an Irish living in Rome, what’s not to like?

Middle East Reading Challenge. Hosted by Helen (Helen’s Book Blog), it includes book about or set in ME/North African countries, no minimum requirements, but I do plan on at least 3 books. (Please see Helen’s original post for the list of countries.)

Venice in February Reading Challenge, which contrary to all of the above only lasts for the month of February. Hosted by Dolce Bellezza and Ally, it is based on the idea that “Venice would be the focal point because Carnival takes place there during that month, and there are so many exciting books which have Venice as the setting”. (Which of course is true even if you don’t count the Donna Leon ones, which you’ll never catch me reading again.) No minimum requirements, but I aim at 2 books, and I’m sure I can fit a quick trip to Venice in my 2012 schedule, so it fits my project too.

2012 Aussie Author Challenge is one I had never heard before, but apparently not new. Hosted at Booklover Book Review, it offers an easier, tourist level of just 3 books (or you can aim higher, at pure Australian, with 12 books).

For a grand total of…… 42 books!

It may be a bit too much, but I do plan on cross-challenge-reading more than a bit, because I also have my other projects, and in no way am I going to go on without on-the-whim choices that fit in no project or list! And wait… there’s more:

Group D: waiting for more!

I am still looking for two challenges: a non-fiction one (I am hoping Alex and Joanna will host the One! Two! Theme! again, but if not, any other suggestion?) and one based on book blogger recommendations (I plan on joining the one hosted by Reading with Tequila, which should come out later this week).

And because I am a traveler and also an armchair traveler, I hope to see new editions of the Japanese Literature challenge, the Canadian Book challenge, the Ireland challenge and the Nordic challenge.

Now you may tell me I have lost my mind… 😛

14 comments on “Overcommitting

  1. We’re a bit late with the update, but we do plan to continue the 1,2 Theme Challenge. I’m actually sleeping over at Joanna’s this weekend to plan the whole thing 🙂

  2. Thanks for joining in the Back to the Classics Challenge this time around! I hope you’ll enjoy it. I am also looking for a good “read around the world” type challenge… hopefully one will materialize soon. Otherwise, I may just figure out a map sort of thing and just put it on my blog somewhere. I’m curious about the 1, 2, Theme Challenge as well – I’ll keep my eyes open for that!

  3. What an exciting array of challenges you’ve joined! I’m glat that the Venice in February is one of them. I’m sure we’ll have so much to talk about, and please, take a trip to Venice for me. It’s been far too long since I’ve been!

  4. Thank you so much for signing up for the Middle East Challenge. I am really going to try to read “in” countries that I didn’t get to last year

  5. I’m excited to have you joining in on the Medieval Challenge! It looks like we’re doing several of the same challenges, like Howling Frog’s Greeks. I’m looking forward to reading the reviews.

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