Top Five Books Waiting on My Shelves

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme for the list lovers among book bloggers, created and hosted at The Broke and the Bookish.

Today’s theme is “Top Ten Books That Have Been On My Shelf For The Longest But I’ve Never Read”. Now let me start by saying that contrary to most book bloggers and avid readers I’m not really a book hoarder (and that’s why you won’t see me joining any “read from your own shelves” or “TBR pile” challenge anytime soon). True, yesterday night I counted some 30 unread books on my shelves, and that’s not counting those still at my parent’s house. Still, I have enough of a balance that books don’t stay unread with me for so very long.

There are exceptions, of course:

  1. Joy of Faith Joy of Life, by François Varillion. While I was living in France in 2001, I happened to read some excerpts from the works of this theologian/master of spirituality. His books are great in explaining things and communicating faith to the layman. But I never got around to actually read it.
  2. Abel. El romántico nórdico, by Carlos Sánchez Fernández and Teresita Noriega Sánchez. In 2007 I was studying Science Journalism and Popularization, with a ken interest in Mathematics, when I traveled to Madrid and discovered a whole collection on the subject. While I have never studied Spanish, I still bought two books and even got around to reading one. The second one is still waiting. (Disclaimer: I looked over the list and I am reasonably sure this is the one I have waiting for me, but I could be wrong. It’s at my parent’s, so I cannot check.)
  3. Nights at the Circus, by Angela Carter. This is a gift I received in 2009 from a very generous blogger. I didn’t know the book at the time, but have read Nymeth’s (i.e. the aforementioned very generous blogger) review since and really want to get to it sometime soon. Don’t know why it’s still waiting.
  4. Speeches from the WYDs, by Pope John Paul II. Another gift I received in 2009. It was much appreciated — but it was left behind when I moved after the wedding.
  5. Journey to Portugal, by José Saramago. I’m not even sure how long this has been sitting on my shelves. Enough for at least a couple of moves, I think. And I usually like Saramago. Go figure.

I think that’s it. If there are other books waiting for my attention I have completely forgotten about them (bad me!). What about you? What are the books you have kept waiting for the longest time?


7 comments on “Top Five Books Waiting on My Shelves

  1. @ Debbie: no, I have 30 TBR, I really don’t know how many I have altogether. In that sense, I am still a hoarder.
    @ Trish: I have a feeling this Saramago is a bit different from the rest… but I may be wrong.
    @ It’s Raining Books: same reason why I’m off right now to see your list (as if I needed new reads to consider. My TBR may be limited, but my wishlist is limitless)
    @ Lady Kell: and your list too.

  2. Thank you! But it does have its drawbacks. The titles I have on the shelves right now still entice me, but there are times when I look at the shelves and think to myself: no way, I need to read something different now… instead I’m stuck with those 30-some titles…

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