Read-a-thon: still going strong

It was dinner time ’round here, so we stopped for a while, and before going back to my book I thought I’d chime in and update.

In the meantime I put in 3 more hours of reading and 30 minutes of blogging. And I finished The Earth: An Intimate History (yay! finally!) and read very short Novecento, plus I started A Storm of Swords.

You know what? This read-a-thon is a lot of fun! My only regret is that I do not feel up to participating in the mini-challenges. Either they’re US-only 😦 or they would take me a lot of time to figure out (I just spent half an hour trying to put titles together, to no avail), and Id rather be reading. Oh well, can’t have everything!

Read you later!


One comment on “Read-a-thon: still going strong

  1. So glad you’re having fun! I haven’t done any mini challenges this time around, either – just reading & tweeting & blog commenting have been keeping me busy enough!

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