Now reading (3rd quarter 2011)

After abandoning the 100-books-a-year goal, I thought I had slowed down and read less. I was wrong: I kept up the same number of books and actually read more pages than in the previous quarter. And this while balancing a lot of work and family life! Yay!

But I know exactly what kept me reading: finally finding me some good books. 2011 had been a year of poor choices, so far, but in July things changed, so I read A Game of Thrones and thought “Finally! It’s not perfect but it’s way better than anything I read so far this year”, and then I read Romanitas and went “Wow, this is even better!”, and then I read The Agony and the Ecstasy and almost cried (yes, it’s that good. Just wait for the review, or go and read it yourself.)

Now for the stats:

Total books read: 19
(Year total: 58)

Total pages read: 5973
(Year total: 18014)

By language:

  • in English: 7 books, 2922 pages
  • in Italian: 6 books, 2464 pages
  • in French: 4 books, 459 pages
  • the 2 remaining books were in minority languages

By author’s nationality:

  • 9 books from USA
  • 4 books from France
  • 2 books from UK
  • 1 book each from Italy, Lebanon, Russia and Austria

Best book this quarter: I may be biased, because I just finished it last night, but I was fascinated: it’s The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone.
Best book so far: The Agony and the Ecstasy beats all!

Worst book this quarter: The Lace Reader: so much hype, so much disappointment.
Worst book so far: no wonder it’s still Oscar and Lucinda

Challenges completed: none. But I’ve been reading a lot for my Travel With Books project.

Travel With Books Reading Project update: I have two more books to finish Vienna, which we visited this summer. Then I’ll move to some Lisbon-based books (I hope to finish + visit before Christmas) and start again on Andalusia, where we should be able to go in 2012. There is also a mystery destination that we should visit later this year, but I’m not sure I will manage to read about it — I’m not ready to disclose it yet, because the last time(s) I wrote about places we planned to visit, and wrote it before buying flight tickets, we then had to cancel our plans altogether…


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