Drawings and fables

I’m always quite at loss as to what to say about graphic novels and the like. So here’s just a few thoughts about Fables issues #7, Arabian Nights (and Days), and #8, Wolves.

  • It’s still as imaginative and as irreverent as always. Just imagine, using the Giant Beanstalk as a jumping point for parachuting:
  • At the same time, it seems… I don’t know, more grown-up? Less bawdy? As in: earlier issues were full of characters bedding each other in almost a Sex-and-the-City kind of way. Here they seemed more intent on building something for their future. I liked this development (and I especially liked the big event in #8!)
  • Although I didn’t like at all what happened in the previous issue, things are developed nicely from there (sorry to be so… mysterious… but I don’t want to risk any spoiler…)
  • It is quite clear that the story drove the authors away from their original idea (in #1, “Fabletown” was the name of their community in the Mundy’s world, and that was why such different characters ended up together; here, they say “Fabletown” was already a place in their original world) but it’s still very nice.
  • I love the details! Such as the Arabian-like typeface:
    and the motives on the frames reflecting the main panels’ story and characters:

    See? An Arabian frame for Arabian characters...

    ... and toad for Flycatcher

I’d like to show you the best panel ever, but that would be one hell of a spoiler! So I’ll just add my apologies for the quality of these pictures and suggest you go and read all of Fables for yourself!


Ditelo con parole vostre/Let your words be heard

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