Top Ten Books I Want To Reread

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme for the list lovers among book bloggers, created and hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is rereads, which is something I do a lot! So here’s the top ten I’d like to reread right now, they may change by next week though. See this week’s roundup here.

The book I want to reread most right now is this:

1. People of the Book: it’s part of my travel with books reading project for two destinations, and husband has just finished it, so I can’t wait to read it again. I recall liking it a lot, despite the huge letdown at the way it ends.

Then there are some rereads that also fit in one way or another in my project:

2. The Hand of Fatima by Ildefonso Falcones: I hope to visit Andalusia soon, so that I can reread this one and make sense of the different towns it is set in.

3. The Ringmaster’s Daughter and/or The Orange Girl by Jostein Gaarder: I may even venture to his Sophie’s World, but that’s not a reread.

There are also some books that I’d like to reread, but in a different version:

4. Blindness by José Saramago: I’ve read it in translation and would like to try the original Portuguese

5. Neverwhere and/or American Gods: I’d like to see how Gaiman’s writing was rendered in Italian

Finally, there are some books that I go back to again and again, even just for a few pages, because it’s like meeting an old friend. My comfort reads, which should be at the top of this list, actually:

6. The Lord of the Rings: loveliest epic adventure ever.

7. Anansi Boys: Gaiman’s most fun book. ’nuff said.

8. The Time Traveler’s Wife: great narrative technique, great story, makes me cry every time.

9. Goodbye Little Women by Marcela Serrano: you really should get this one translated in English, sometimes!

10. Really? Already 10? There are so many more titles in my comfort reading list…


12 comments on “Top Ten Books I Want To Reread

  1. I love the Lord of the Rings, though I’d admit I can hardly re-read them because I haven’t even finished Return of the King. I will finish though and they are among my favorite books.

  2. I’ve only read TTTW once, but it’s certainly one I’ll revisit over the years. Also, like you I’m curious to one day pick up a Neil Gaiman translation just to see how it works.

  3. @ inlibriveritas (Michelle, right?): do finish, the ending of LoTR is just wonderful
    @ Nymeth: I did read one only in Italian, Stardust, and it’s the one I love the least. It might be a coincidence, but I’m not sure. I do want to read and see for myself how these books that I love so much have fared in the translation.

  4. Really? It was all over a few years back, and I thought it was so famous that I didn’t need to write the author’s name. Shows how varied is the readers’ world, I guess! Thank you for your comment!

  5. I left People of the Book somewhere in the first third because of a problem in the audiobook file. Somehow, I never felt much hurry to get back to it. But I will because it’s a good fit for my “Art preservation/restauration” Challenge.

  6. It is a good fit, and I think I did suggest it to you — too bad the audiobook didn’t click (besides the technical problem, I mean), maybe you could try the actual book next time. I tend to recommend it, because I liked it a lot, with the exception of the ending… but I’m not going to write a huge spoiler here 😉

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