Asterix times three

I know many would not consider the Asterix albums as books, but I’m never sure where the boundary lies, so as I counted Fables I’ll count these as well. As I mentioned earlier, my husband and I have an ongoing collection of these albums in several languages. It all started when we lived in Austria and he bought comics because they were almost the most he could read in German at the time. Now, though, he gifted me with these three in French because he knows I like reading in French. Isn’t he a cute?

Anyway… I wouldn’t know how to review them, so I’ll just show you the best scene(s) from each, and a brief comment. (I took the pictures from this site, where you can read the whole series in English. Click on them to see the full size.)

Astérix le Gaulois (Asterix The Gaul)

This was the very first album written by Goscinny and Uderzo, and I love their little aside comments:

Astérix Gladiateur (Asterix The Gladiator)

This is one I had already read, but in French it works so much better.

This scene is just exhilarating in the original, because the place is like an apartment block full of quarrelsome neighbors, and in French they call it an HLM, Habitations Latines Mélangées, referring tho these HLMs.

Astérix Légionnaire (Asterix The Legionary)

This is the one I liked the least, but maybe it was me not getting all the French humor. Still, I liked the way they used typography here:

And this is just genial:

Again, even better in French were he’s called Acidcloridrix and his code is HCL with no numbers… I still have to understand why the names have been changed so much in translation.


2 comments on “Asterix times three

  1. I read them all in Portuguese, which is lucky because a lot of jokes translate easely. Now that my French has improved I always wanted to try them in the original. My favorite Asterix book: La Grande Traversée. What’s yours?

  2. When you read them in translation they sound good, I was not trying to criticize the translators — but of course the original is always one tad better 🙂
    I guess the one I love most is The Twelve Tasks, but mainly because I’ve seen the movie so many times. Also Le ciel lui tombe sur la tête…

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