Wondrous Words Wednesday: Siobhan Dowd

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme where we share new (to us) and interesting (to us, again) words we encountered in our readings. See this week round-up at BermudaOnion’s blog!

My words for this week come from Bog Child by Siobhan Dowd (my review).


“Ta-ra, Unk.”
“Fight the fight.” Uncle Tally waved and drove way.

Ta-ra: excl. informal, chiefly N. English goodbye.


She yanked his read sweatshirt. “Take it off, Fergus. It’s minging.”

Minging: adj. Brit. informal foul-smelling. Very bad or unpleasant.


You watch what you say, you miserable taig.

Taig: n. informal, offensive (in Northern Ireland) a Protestant name for a Catholic.


(All definitions are taken from the Concise Oxford English Dictionary © 2008 via WordReference.com unless otherwise stated.)


12 comments on “Wondrous Words Wednesday: Siobhan Dowd

  1. Interesting words! We were just in London and Northern Ireland and I didn’t hear any of those words. Thank heavens I didn’t hear the last one! I was surprised to hear people say “Cheerio!”

  2. I like a novel that includes language like this. It gives me a better feeling of being right there in the story. I’m done writing now so I’ll just say Ta-ra.

  3. Thanks, all. There were more, but I’m afraid I didn’t have pen&paper with me while reading. Still, it’s one of the things that I liked most in this book, the way words reminded me of Ireland.

    @ Margot: that way I just learned about the Classic Bribe… I’m thinking about joining the fun 🙂

  4. There’s also the related word minger (n.), said of a person who is considered to be unattractive. Not a pleasant word, and not one that has attained much currency in my country (Ireland), but I’ve heard it from time to time.

Ditelo con parole vostre/Let your words be heard

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