Now reading (2nd quarter 2011)

Six months into the year, and I realized I will never make it to the 100 book mark. And you know what? I don’t care. I am officially letting that goal drop. I realized I was choosing books based on their length or difficulty level, just to read as many as possible, and I don’t like it. I realized my normal reading rate is up to 8 books a month and I am perfectly comfortable with that. And I realized I love chunksters, big fat books that keep me glued to the pages for weeks on end. I am abandoning the 100+ reading challenge.

So my reading goals have slightly changed. Mostly, I plan to dive right in the pile and hope to find a good book. While I have a neverending list of upcoming reads, I am in dire need to find at least one “wow” book soon — this year is not going well. I’ll welcome any suggestion! I plan to join a couple more challenge, but I am still looking for interesting ones, so if you have any suggestion in that sense, that is welcome too!

Travel With Books Reading Project update: we finally set our minds on our upcoming travels, and they include Rome, Vienna and South Africa (the other destinations are still viable, but are being pushed forwards to some time in the future). Any good book set in those locales? I need to read them fast, because the travel date is approaching! 🙂

Now for the stats:

Total books read: 19
(Year total: 39)

Total pages read: 5711
(Year total: 12041)

By language:

  • in English: 11 books, 3377 pages
  • in Italian: 7 books, 2172 pages
  • in Portuguese: 1 book, 162 pages

By author’s nationality:

  • 7 books from USA
  • 3 books from UK
  • 1 book each from Italy, France, India, Australia, Algeria, China, Colombia, Portugal and Ireland

Best book this quarter: there were several good books, but none to make me wow. I’d say Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio, if nothing else it was curiously constructed.
Best book so far: still a tie between Milagrario Pessoal and Ladies’ Coupé

Worst book this quarter: George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt: useless.
Worst book so far: no wonder it’s still Oscar and Lucinda

Challenges completed: Global Reading Challenge and What’s in a Name Challenge (one review and roundup still to be written for that one)

How about you? I could do with some good suggestions!


4 comments on “Now reading (2nd quarter 2011)

  1. I’m glad you’re following what works best for you instead of continuing a challenge you weren’t enjoying! I hope that means you’ll find a book that blows you away soon!

    I can’t promise you that you’ll enjoy it, but “July’s People” by Nadine Gordimer is set in South Africa (and isn’t terribly long, so if you can find a copy you could read it before the travel date). Hopefully that suggestion’ll help you find something you think sounds interesting anyhow!

  2. Completely understand you. I also though about trying to make it to 100 in January, but then realized it was impossible, especially because, like you, I like my nice, epic novels. Give me a couple of books you really REALLY liked and I can them give you a recommendation.

  3. Exactly! Now that I’ve dropped the 100-book goal I am looking forward to a good, epic novel. Something on the lines of LOTR, 100 Years of Solitude or (because I do read more than just fantasy-related books) Cathedral of the Sea.
    BTW, following your recommendation my husband recently presented me with Game of Thrones, I do have high expectations there 🙂

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