Wondrous Words (and images)

This week’s post will be a little different in format, because this week’s words come from a graphic novel, Homelands – Vol. 6 of Fables, and I’d like to share my thoughts about the book too.  (See this week round-up at BermudaOnion’s blog!)


While I liked this volume less than the previous ones (mainly because I didn’t like the big revelation and who the Enemy turns out to be), it’s still great, bringing together great art and a compelling storyline. Just to share some art with you (without spoiling anything, promise!, and sorry for the low quality of the pictures, but this is just a taste, you should get the books and enjoy them firsthand!):


Now, for the words:

“Maybe, in hindsight, I should have tossed him out on his keister on that first day”

Keister: n. N. Amer. informal a person’s buttocks.

“Then it was an iffy thing for days to see if you’d live to wake up.”

Iffy: adj. informal not certain; doubtful. Of doubtful quality or legality.


9 comments on “Wondrous Words (and images)

  1. The artwork is fabulous in that book! Keister is slang that is used fairly often in the US – you can have a lot of fun with that word! Thanks for playing along!

  2. I love the art work as well as your words. Keister is a term my dad use to use with us children. I always thought it was a German word but who knows where it came from.

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