Odds and ends and book and blog news

  • At the end of February I had reached 16 books read. Still on top of it, if I am to make it to 100 this year!
  • Reached 100 comments on this blog!
  • It’s the first time ever I’m trying to “review” everything I read… and I have no backlog at the moment!
  • WordPress told me that someone subscribed to my blog (I know I have at least two Google subscribers, but this was the first person subscribing via WordPress) and that someone else “liked” one of my posts. (*)
  • Now, a blogging doubt: I get more and more comments that seem of dubious nature. They seem to be normal discussion comments, but they feel somehow different. Most of the times, just checking the link is enough, because they point to gaming sites of worse. At times, though, I am not really sure, I wonder if I may be censoring a genuine comment. I do not want to censor discussion on my blog. Yet at the same time I do not always feel at ease with the sites these comments point to. I have been holding back such a comment for a few days, wondering what to do. It doesn’t really look like spam, and yet I do not feel at ease with the idea of my blog pointing towards that blog. How do you deal with this kind of situation?
  • On a similar note: how do you feel when someone who has never commented or otherwise interacted with you suddenly starts following and/or “liking” your posts? (*)

(*) I am totally baffled by the way the Internet is stealing words from the English language. To “like” a post is something completely different from what like used to mean before, just as a FaceBook “friend” is not really — not necessarily — a friend. I could “like” and even “share” a post on this subject (if you know of one, please share it with me), but I don’t like the trend.


ETA: I just discovered there’s a name for the type of comment(er)s I was trying to describe: they’re self-promoters. Which made my decision about that one comment I was holding back… I deleted it. Thank you all for your input!


5 comments on “Odds and ends and book and blog news

  1. It sounds like 2011 is going to be a great year for you! I think a lot of those comments are probably spam – it’s just that spammers have gotten a little smarter in what they leave. If I have doubts about a comment, I don’t approve it.

  2. Thank you for your input. They have become way smarter while I was not blogging last year. That’s why I am still not very confident, but it’s good to know how other people deal with the issue. Thanks!

  3. Hurrah! Congrats 🙂 Of all the posts that went into my spam box, I’ve only rescued about 3. When in doubts, I would say: delete.

  4. I think I am probably the first person to subscribe to your blog then! Did not mean to freak you out (after all, I don’t know you at all), but I have enjoyed what I have read so far.

  5. @ Alex: thank you! When a comment goes into the spam box, either it’s very clearly not spam, or I do not have any doubt about deleting it. My doubts are about those comments that do not get caught by the antispam filter. But it looks like I should be more comfortable in deleting 🙂

    @ Marta: so it was you! WordPress directed me to your Norwegian blog, so I was puzzled — not freaked out, no, but puzzled. (Also, I keep thinking that there are not many persons reading my blog, and it’s always a surprise when I realize someone new came by.) Thank you for de-lurking and commenting! And I am glad you like my blog so far!

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