It’s February!

This post goes public late because… well, for a couple of reasons, none of them to do with blogging. Sorry for the delay.

It’s February! While I don’t plan to do monthly round-ups on this blog, I did check up on my progress, and my handy spreadsheet told me I read 7 books/2342 pages in this first month of the year.

Earlier this year I had seen several challenges appearing here and there with the goal of reading 100+ books in 2011, and I thought that was completely out of my reach. Maybe not: 100 books a year means 8 to 9 books a month, so I’m nearly there (if I can keep this rhythm up, that is). We’ll see! Anyway, I think I can join the challenge, especially this one:

(There are books to win, that’s a good reason to try, right?) (I’m not yet sure it’s open internationally, I’ll have to check.)


Talking about February, challenges and books to win. I found out about this:

This is open internationally and you just have to post reviews! Nice! I’m in!

Happy February reading, everyone!


5 comments on “It’s February!

  1. Happy February! I, too, completed 7 books towards my goal of 100! We should cheer each other on?
    and YIPPEE – the link back worked. 🙂

  2. I’m exactly in the same position as you: I’d love to reach 100 (and I did read 8 in January), but am afraid to commit. It might jinx it!

  3. @ Care: Great! I’m so glad it worked, and I would never even have realized there was a problem, if you hadn’t told me. I’ll be sure to pass by your blog and cheer you into reading up to 100 books!
    @ Alex: I’ll try to keep tags and cheer you into reading as well! Even if you don’t want to commit, I’m sure you’ll make it!

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