Wondrous Words Wednesday: Victoria Hislop

This week’s words all come from The Island, by Victoria Hislop. (See this week round-up at BermudaOnion’s blog.)


Then they all processed into the gloomy dining room, where oil paintings of fierce mustachioed ancestors glared down from panelled walls. (p. 201)

Mustachioed: I could understand this world, but it still surprised me, because it clearly states that the “ancestors” sported mustachios, not simply mustaches.

Mustachios: pl.n. A mustache, especially a luxuriant one.


The two elderly men looked up briefly but soon resumed their conversation and the rhythmic clicking of their worry beads. (p. 159)

Worry beads: again, this word was immediately clear to me. Being in Greece at the time of reading this book, I had seen plenty of people, especially men, clicking their komboloi (sorry for the commercial link, but it does a good job at explaining what worry beads are). But I would never know how to call them in English.

Worry beads: pl.n. A string of beads for fingering in times of worry, boredom, or tension.


(All definitions are taken from TheFreeDictionary)


5 comments on “Wondrous Words Wednesday: Victoria Hislop

  1. @Joy: exactly! I’m always fascinated about all the things hidden behind a word!

    @Southern Fiber: interesting words in your post as well. Thanks for coming by!

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