More travel links… and one more challenge!

After telling you about one, great resource, I found more that could help in choosing books for my Travel With Books reading project. Or just to choose your next book, whatever you are looking for!

  • an interesting site, where you can browse locations, but also ask the system for books based on a number of other criteria, including character gender and/or sexual orientation, or how funny/sad/traditional/unusual/etc. you want the book to be.
  • a nice (although very incomplete) database of books divided by location.
  • Vera Marie Badertscher’s archive of books based on her passion for travels, and divided by destination.

Apart from the last one, I owe these discoveries to Brighton Blogger, a fellow expat Italian book blogger that I recently discovered. Brighton Blogger offered these links as resources to participate in the new challenge she is hosting for 2011:

The goal of the Italy in Books Reading Challenge 2011 is to read 12 books set in Italy during 2011. I’m not sure I will end up reading 12 of them, but the idea fits in well with my reading project, because my husband and I do travel a lot to Italy — which is just natural since both pairs of our parents live there, in different regions.

Also, I am doing fine with my readings on Greece — my first destination for that project of mine, the Travel With Books reading project. We are currently in Greece, but since I only started reading very recently, I am still going through the books I planned to read, and I realized that future destinations would be better off if I planned with some advance. So I’m calling for your help. Here are some possible upcoming destinations:

  • Iceland
  • Sevilla
  • Andorra
  • Morocco

Any suggestion as to what to read?

Vera Marie Badertscher


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