Wrapping things up on the Read-A-Thon

Ok, we’re almost there. I finished my fourth book and do not intend to start a new one in the few minutes remaining.

A few thoughts on my part (while Husband is still reading, and no end-of-event meme has been published on the Read-A-Thon blog):

  • I’m quite exhausted — seems like I’m getting old — and only look forward to lunch and a long hot shower.
  • This was my second Read-A-Thon and the same thing happened as last time: I didn’t really enjoy any of the books I read. There were some good parts in them, but nothing that would keep me awake all night if it wasn’t for the Read-A-Thon. Either I need to choose my books better next time, or I just cannot go on a full night of reading on schedule — only when I come across the right book.
  • Wondering whether I should be a cheerleader next time around.
  • Note to self: never read Gaiman books in the dead of the night. Especially not his short stories.
  • It’s been good to have the Read-A-Thon this weekend, when we are not yet settled into our routine. It feels like we’re still on vacation.
  • Other note to self: long books that see you through the night are better than a list of short one, or of short stories. Now all the stories are jumbled up in my head.
  • One thing I feel good about: I’ve gone through the night with just less than 2 hours of sleep and a little cup of coffee this morning. And I’m fine right now. (I know I will regret it tomorrow, when it’s back to work!)
  • General feeling about this Read-A-Thon: I hoped to read more, to blog more, to visit more blogs and to have more visitors around here. Oh well, I’m happy all the same!


Mmmm, still no meme. I’ll just wrap up with our stats, then, and some considerations.

Total number of books read:

Me: 5. Of these, one I had started before, of another I read only a few pages, the rest I read in full. Two were in English, one in Italian, one in French, and the few pages from one in Portuguese.

Husband: 4. The last one unfinished (only 10 pages to go). Two in Italian (Brodskij and Paasilinna’s books), one in English (Gemmell’s book), and the last (unfinished) one in Portuguese (de Carvalho’s book).

Total number of pages read:

Me: 669

Husband: 684

Total amount of time spent reading:

Me: 15h 10 minutes

Husband: 16h 20 minutes

Total amount of time spent blogging:

This is a joint figure, because I did most of the blogging anyway. It’s a total 4h.

Complete list of reading:

Me: Douglas Adams, So Long, And Thanks For All the Fish; Antonio Tabucchi, Donna di Porto Pim; Neil Gaiman, Smoke and Mirrors; Philippe Delerm, La bulle de Tiepolo; Ricardo Araujo Pereira, Nova Cronicas da Boca do Inferno.

Husband: Iosif Brodskij, Fondamenta degli incurabili; David Gemmell, Knights of Dark Renown; Arto Paasilinna, The Year of the Hare (Italian translation); Mario de Carvalho, A Inaudita Guerra da Avenida Gago Coutinho.


See you all in April for the next one!

(Oh, and before that, as well. I’m planning on blogging here all my readings, and hope some of you will follow…)


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