Read-A-Thon: Character Photo mini challenge

Time to get creative, and I feel creative despite the lack of sleep. Alyce @ At home with books asks us to take a picture of a character from one of the books we have read during the past 21 hours. Here is what she wrote:

My challenge for you is to take a photo of something in your house that represents a character in one of the books you are reading for the readathon.  This could be as simple as taking a photo of a rolling pin to represent the role of cooking in your book (a la The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister) or if you want to be more adventurous – a photo of yourself with the rolling pin.

(Now, I didn’t get the thing about the rolling pin, but that’s for not having read the book, I guess.)

Here’s my take. Let me introduce you to Wonko the Sane from So Long, And Thanks for All the Fish, by Douglas Adams:





And here’s a passage from the book, in case anyone should not know it:

“Your wife,” said Arthur, looking around, “mentioned some toothpicks.” He said it with a hunted look, as if he was worried that she might suddenly leap out from behind a door and mention them again.Wonko the Sane laughed. It was a light easy laugh, and sounded like one he had used a lot before and was happy with.

“Ah yes,” he said, “that’s to do with the day I finally realized that the world had gone totally mad and built the Asylum to put it in, poor thing, and hoped it would get better. […] They are the words that finally turned me into the hermit I have now become. It was quite sudden. I saw them, and I knew what I had to do.”

The sign read:

“Hold stick near center of its length. Moisten pointed end in mouth. Insert in tooth space, blunt end next to gum. Use gentle in-out motion.”

“It seemed to me,” said Wonko the Sane, “that any civilization that had so far lost its head as to need to include a set of detailed instructions for use in a package of toothpicks, was no longer a civilization in which I could live and stay sane.”

(Ok, I know, my try is a bit lame, but I had to try and nothing else came to mind…)


2 comments on “Read-A-Thon: Character Photo mini challenge

  1. I think your try is just fine! I had forgotten about that part of the book, so I’m glad you included a quote.

    The thing with the rolling pin wasn’t really a thing – it was just an example of how you could use a cooking object to represent the role that cooking plays in the book, or you could take a picture of yourself with it to represent one of the cooks in the book. There wasn’t anything in the book (at least so far – I haven’t finished it) that was specifically about a rolling pin, so I guess I probably could have used a better example.

    Thanks for participating!

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