Read-A-Thon: Six Words Celebration!

Things are going pretty slow, around here. My computer seems to need ages to show a simple Mr Linky, let alone the 400-entry ones back at the Read-A-Thon blog. I am finding it hard to go look at other participants’ blogs because I don’t know who’s participating 😦 Hoping it all settles down, I’m reverting to reading now, but not before taking part in another mini-challenge, this time held at Estella’s Revenge.

So here’s my thank you to Dewey for her idea and to all our wonderful hosts and cheerleaders and fellow readers in six words:

Dewey’s legacy: a book feast. Thanks.


4 comments on “Read-A-Thon: Six Words Celebration!

  1. The readathon is for reading so don’t be too bummed by the lack of computer time!!

    One, Two, Three, Four
    Get one done and read some more
    Five, Six, Seven, Eight
    Reading so much, can’t see straight
    Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
    Pick another up off the shelf!
    Happy Reading!

  2. Thank you too, Trisha! I’ll try!
    “Pick another up off the shelf” Right, that’s what I’m doing next!

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